These Flashing Medal Optional Extras are perfect for evening events, and can really help your medals pop!

Any Bespoke Medal can become a flashing medal, create a unique visual effect in the dark.

Flashing your Medal

Creating a Flashing Bespoke Medal is very straightforward! All you need to do is discuss with our designer where you’d like the lights to be, and you’re most of the way there! Please bear in mind that these lights are only available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.

Need some inspiration? The Ghost Race medal seen here is one of our favourites!

Our Free Design Service

Our Free Design Service is available to help you bring your designs to life. To take advantage of our Free Design Service, Request a Quote from us. Once happy with our no-obligation quotation, we’ll pass along your design to our Design Team to get it prepared for production. One of our Designers will be in touch with you throughout the design process to keep you updated and make sure you’re happy to proceed with your order.

Prepare for your event.

We also offer a service providing all the event supplies you could need through our sister company, Running Imp. Running Imp provides everything from starting clocks to barrier tape, swim caps to custom flags, trophies to promotional t-shirts.