Yateley 10K Bespoke Medals

The Yateley 10k Series has seen hundreds of competitors taking part over the last few months.

Bespoke Medals designed one medal per race in the series with each stacking together to create an overall ‘master’ medal.

These medals received amazing feedback from runners with participants delighted to add this unique piece of bling to their collection.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this event, collecting this memento at the end of their 10k triumph.

For more information on this race series, visit yateley10kseries.info



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Bespoke Medals can help you create your own fantastic stacked medal too. Finishes come with a range of options. For instance you could have one bronze, one silver and one gold medal to create a stack of three! You can also get effects placed on your medals, from glitter to translucent resin. Whatever your desires, Bespoke Medals can provide!



They Yateley 10K series is one of many that Bespoke Medals works with. For more on who we produce for, look here: https://bespokemedals.com/news/


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