2013 October Medal of the Month


October Medal of the Month



























We had little choice but to choose the Wigan 10k medal as our victorious 2013 October Medal of the Month!

This was following the overwhelming response we received on Twitter from those who ran in the race.

After the event, many people were tweeting to say how much they liked their finisher’s medal.

The medal featured a looping design, landmarks from Wigan, enamel detailing and a full-colour superwide ribbon that completed the look.

It was a fitting reward for all those taking part in the inaugural event.

What’s more, the event helped raise a lot of money for the Joining Jack charity.

Below are some of the best comments from Twitter.

Ann Miller

@runningimp ‪@Wigan10K the medal is stunning, very special


Took 4 mins off my PB ‪@Wigan10K Great event and the best medal I’ve ever had, stunning!

Chris Devany

My ‪@Wigan10K medal is by far my favourite ‪#Winner

Andy Huxley

@Wigan10K ‪@runningimp Got a lot of medals this is one of the best I’ve got


Best medal I’ve ever got and one of the nicest atmospheres I’ve seen on a run. Thanks ‪@Wigan10k here’s to next yr?


The reaction to the inaugural ‪#wigan10k medal has been fantastic. Massive thanks ‪@runningimp quality & gr8 service


Boss medal ‪@Wigan10K ‪pic.twitter.com/AKO6Wu5DKc




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Written by: MollyIllsley

Published on: 1 October 2013

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