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Looking for a medal that stands out from the crowd? Then why not choose Silicone Medals, the most economic fully Bespoke Medal option in our range. What’s better than finishing your race and then being rewarded for your efforts? We can’t think of anything – unless it’s a cuppa tea afterwards! Offering extreme flexibility, these Medals can display 2D or 3D designs in the finest detail. Contact us today to enquire about these medals or if you’d like to find out more. We’d be happy to help!

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Design Styles For Silicone Medals

It’s your medal so have it your way! We take pride in the medals we have created for our customers. You can choose to have your design:

  • On one side with a plain reverse
  • The same design on both sides of the medal
  • A different design on each side of the medal

Take a look at our gallery of medal designs to get some inspiration for your own medals – we’ve got simple designs, complex designs, circular medals, square medals and footprint-shaped medals! The list goes on and there’s nothing we can’t do.

2D Silicone or 3D Silicone Available

2D Silicone or 3D Silicone Available

Do you want to mix metal and Silicone?

Eurosilicone medals are available if you would like to mix metal and silicone!

Minimum Order Quantity

We have a minimum order of 100 Silicone Medals but you can order ANY quantity beyond this total. Give your competitors something to remember the day by and give them something personalised to the event or even them – going bespoke means the possibilities are endless!

Available in ANY shape, ANY size and ANY thickness including designs with cut-outs, our Bespoke Silicone Medals are incredibly popular! Don’t forget, no design is too complex or too simple for our experienced team so we will be able to draw up your amazing ideas onto paper for you to marvel and then we generate the final version using our software. We will never produce a medal unless you are 100% happy with it – that’s our promise.

Free Ribbons For Your Silicone Medals

If you weren’t wowed already with what we have to offer, how about this: we also offer FREE ribbons! These Medals also come with 25mm Full Colour Double Sided Heat Transfer Printed Ribbons, which can include photographs if required. Please note: If you require a 38mm double-sided heat transfer printed ribbon, please add 10p to your price.

Or if you prefer, your medals can come with plain 25mm Woven Ribbons in the colour of your choice. We think it’s a no brainer – with so many options for your silicone medals, you’ll be spoilt for choice! We’re here to help you with any requirements or questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly team.

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We don’t stop there – kit bags, t-shirts and wristbands are all available for you over at our sister site Running Imp and can all be fully branded to your needs! Whether you are organising an event or you are just there for moral support, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of products!

Interested in a Bespoke Silicone Medal?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and products and we’d love to share it with you. If you’re interested in our Silicone Medals for your event, get in touch with us today to make an enquiry or to find out more about our styles and features. Use the link below to fill out our enquiry form.

Why stop at medals? We also offer pin badges, custom coins and much more in our Pin Badge and Bespoke Collection. We know, we know… is there anything we don’t do? If you’re in need of any other memorabilia, browse through our site to find the perfect product for your event.

Production & Delivery Schedule

Our Fully Bespoke Silicone Medals  product and delivery schedule is 6-8 for air freight, 16 weeks for sea freight.

Need under 100 Medals or Pin Badges?

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Perfect Medal For Your Event

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Samples available, ask our team

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Each medal makes the world greener


Price depends on quantity, print & size


2D or 3D Silicone

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Flexibly and child friendly


Get a quote

We only need a few details to give you a quote. Please give us the details marked with an asterisk (*). We can get the other information via email or on a call.
Please Note: Minimum Lead Time on all Bespoke Products is 6 weeks. Exclusions apply.
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Designing and producing medals to reward the 5,000 entrants in the world record-breaking annual charity extravaganza.


How we do it



Medals delivered for the 2022 TCS London Marathon

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Bespoke Medal orders shipped by sea freight



8 medals produced every minute in our factory



Bespoke Medal orders shipped by air freight



Our largest Bespoke Medal made to date is 445mm


We offer a FREE in-house design service

On acceptance of a quote, we will send you a design within 3 – 4 working days – above all it’s FREE no matter what size your order! Simply send us your guidelines with any logos and we will do the rest.

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Medal Production Medal Production
Medal Finishes Medal Finishes
Die Charges Die Charges
Optional Extras Optional Extras
Still Stuck? Still Stuck?

Medal Production

Where are the medals manufactured?

All of our Bespoke Medals are manufactured at our partner factory in China for the very best quality at wholesale prices.

I’ve heard that medals can be produced and delivered in only 6 weeks. Is that correct?

Yes, they can!

Once you have ‘signed-off’ the artwork and approved your design, it can take only 6 weeks to produce and deliver your medals using Air Freight.

Can I order Bespoke Medals without having to pay the express delivery Air Freight charge?

Yes! That’s if you are able to place your order further in advance while using our 16-18 week Sea Freight delivery service.

Does the 16-18 week production lead time include delivery to me?

Yes. This is correct. However, if you are outside of Mainland UK, please allow an extra week for delivery

What if I receive more event entries than anticipated? Can I ‘top-up’ my medal order at the last minute?

Yes you can. We can produce a ‘top-up’ to your order within a lead time of 4-5 weeks.

Medal Finishes

Can I mix the medal finish colours (e.g. Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze, etc.) within my order? Will there be any charge for this?

There will be no charge for this.

Die Charges

What is a die charge?

Our medals are die cast, meaning that we need to create a mold is order to produce the medals.
This can then be used year on year to create the same medal at no additional cost.

Want to change the enamel colours/plating each year for a new take on the same design? Not a problem! We can do this at no additional charge.

How do I know how many dies I will be charged for?

You will only be charged a die for each side of the medal that has a design.

What if the exact same design is on both sides of the medal?

You will still be charged for 2 dies as we would have to make 2 dies to produce your medal design.

What if my design has 'cut-outs'?

You will just be charged for 1 die if the reverse of your medal is plain.

Optional Extras

Can I have printed ribbons?

Yes, you can. We can overprint your ribbons in a single colour or multicolour. Please contact us for your specific requirements.

Do you have any other optional extras for medals?

Yes, we do. We have a variety of optional extras that will further enhance your medals. Click here to see.

Optional Extras

Still Stuck?

Still stuck?

If you still haven’t got an answer to your question, or you’d simply like more information, please contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help. If you’re in need of event supplies alongside your medals, you can find everything you need on our alternative site, Running Imp.