Pin Badge Fittings

Copy of Bespoke Medals Website – Europa Medals
Copy of Bespoke Medals Website – Europa Medals

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The right Pin Badge Fitting is vital for creating the right look and feel for you!

Butterfly Clutch
The standard for our Pin Badges, these Butterfly Clutch Fittings can be released simply by pressing in the side levers and pulling up until the fitting comes away from the spike.

Rubber Clutch
Similar to the Butterfly Clutch, this Rubber Clutch can be released by squeezing the sides of the raised portion and pulling away from the spike. To reattach, simply place the clutch over the spike and press it down until the pin is secure.

Brooch Pin
This Brooch Pin Fitting acts as a safety pin, with the user able to press the pin in and under to release it, then reverse the process once the pin is in place.

These Magnetic Fittings are easy to use. Simply remove the magnetic backing, put your pin badge in place, and snap the magnetic backing back into place.

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