Pin Badge Styles & Features

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Polished Metal Pin Bagdes

Polished Metal Pin Badges offer a clean and shiny finish for your pin badge designs.

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Rainbow Pin Badges

New and rapidly becoming popular, these Rainbow plate pin badges are a fantastic way to add some flair to your Pin Badge. You can mix these finishes with other medal styles as you choose, so be as creative as you like!

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Soft Enamel Pin Badge

Our Soft Enamel Pin Badges are the most popular and economical of our Pin Badges, and leave you with a vibrant and colourful end result. These are perfect for charities wishing to raise money, and schools looking to update their uniforms.
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Hard Enamel Pin Badge

Initially made like soft enamel pin badges, our Hard Enamel Pin Badges are then infilled with a powdered glass mixture. This results in a highly polished bright shine, ideal for making your colourful design look extra special!

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Photo Etched Pin Badge

Photo Etched Pin Badges allow you take your favourite photos and have them printed onto your badge. These types of pin badges are perfect as a means of remembering a loved one, or for celebrating an event like a wedding.

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Silicone Pin Badge

Our Silicone Pin Badges are an incredibly unique way to celebrate your event, school or charity. Silicone Pin Badges are particularly popular with young people, and work very well as mementos for school sports days.

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Brushed Metal Pin Badge

This classic Europa Metal Pin Badges gives the look and feel of a more traditional Pin Badge. This is perfect as memorabilia for your long-running events which require a touch more decorum.

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Colour Sprayed Pin Badge

These fully bespoke Pin Badges can be sprayed to match any Pantone colour of your choice, and are available with or without enamelling.

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UV Printed Pin Badge

UV Printed Medals are quickly becoming popular due to the striking designs they are capable of portraying. Using this method, we can print in full colour, including gradients, onto any surface, whether it’s raised, flat or recessed, producing a vibrant design of your choosing.


We offer a FREE in-house design service

On acceptance of a quote, we will send you a design within 3 – 4 working days – above all it’s FREE no matter what size your order! Simply send us your guidelines with any logos and we will do the rest.

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