Bespoke Medals Showcased at First-Ever ‘Women Can Marathon’


Bespoke Medals is honoured to have produced the medals for the first ever Women Can Marathon. The event took place on May 28th.

The women-only event asks runners to conquer a challenging 26.2 mile course that cuts through the beautiful Devon countryside. They also start and finish in the lovely seaside town of Sidmouth.

The victorious runner, Elizabeth Dyson, completed the marathon in an impressive three hours, 20 minutes.

Women Can Marathon – Another Happy Customer!

Runners received a beautiful silver decagon medal featuring a runner with a lilac coloured ‘Women Can’ speech bubble.

Event organiser Jo Earlam said: “The banners, the flags, the medals, bib numbers and everything was great. Thank you”

At Running Imp and Bespoke Medals we couldn’t be prouder to support events like this, and hope to continue our relations with the Women Can Marathon far into the future. If you’d like to organise your own event and are looking to supply it in a cost effective and efficient manner, be sure to email us directly at, where we’ll be happy to provide the best products available.




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Published on: 9 June 2017

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