July 2017 Medal of the Month Winner


All the votes have been counted and we now have a July 2017 Medal of the Month winner!

Yet again this month, there was a particular entry which received the overwhelming lion’s share of votes.

So without further ado, our winning medal this month is Summer Challenge 100k for ZOOM Virtual Races.

Our July 2017 Medal of the Month Winner

A 80mm antique silver enamelled medal in the shape of an iconic camper van in red and white, a ZOOM Virtual Races Personalised Ribbon finishes it off.

The beauty of the Summer Challenge 100k is that it needn’t be completed in one go.

Entrants are able to build up to 100k over the course of the entire British summertime.

Once they’ve achieved that distance, they quality to receive one of these fantastic Bespoke Medals we produced.

ZOOM Virtual Races specialise in events that are run without any set location meaning competitors can take place at home or abroad on holiday.

Keep an eye out for next month’s video to vote in August’s competition!


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Published on: 17 August 2017

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