Bespoke Interlocking Medals


Bespoke Interlocking Medals









Are you planning to organise a series of 2, 3 or even more events? Then why not give your series a set of Interlocking Medals?

Race series or challenge series’ held over a weekend or alternative period of time have become very popular recently.

The introduction of Interlocking Medals representing each event make a superb overall series memento, often depicting an overall design.

These medals also encourage competitors to enter all of the events in a series with the incentive of collecting the full set! It might help you increase your overall entries!

Our Interlocking Medals are available in either our Europa or Enamelled style of Bespoke Medals and will be treasured with pride.

Interlocking Medals – Minimum Order

All the standard features of Bespoke Europa and Enamelled medals still apply at no extra cost, and with a minimum order of only 100 and ANY quantity thereafter.

Prices are as per Europa Medals and Enamelled Medals.



Create your series of events for your interlocking medals over at Running Imp. Running Imp are the leading events supplier in the UK, stocking a number of vital event items. In addition to supplying your event, Running Imp with also offer advice to make sure you have everything you need.

Our Bespoke Medals service can help you create the best interlocking medals around. These medals could have all kinds of finishes, including classic bronze, silver or gold, to glow in the dark! Fit any effects you desire on the medals too. These could be sliding parts, hinges, or even lights! So get hold of your connecting medals now, at Bespoke Medals!



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Written by: MollyIllsley

Published on: 2 July 2015

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