Medal Styles & Features

Our most popular custom medal option, non-enamelled Europa Medals are heavyweight, versatile and economical to produce.
A fully bespoke version of our Europa style medals, our Enamelled Medals are complete with partial or full colour enamelling.
Our Contrast Medals display your hand polished design against a matte, sand blasted background. They can also be partially enamelled for a very stylish end result!
Silicone Medals are our most economic fully Bespoke Medal option in our range. Extremely flexible, they can display 2D or 3D designs in the finest detail.
A fully Bespoke Europa style of medal sprayed to any Pantone colour of your choice, our Colour Spray Medals are available with or without enamelling.
Like with Interlocking Medals, a connecting series of Segment Medals may entice more competitors to enter all of the events in a series to complete a master medal set.
Thanks to our Interlocking Medals, each individual event medal can fit together to create a single master medal that usually depicts an overall image.
Our Stacking Medals don’t only make a superb series memento but like our Interlocking Medals, they fit together to create an impressive overall design – ideal to attract more event entries!

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