Turn your medal into something unique! Combine as many of our special styles together as you’d like and create a medal that will dazzle your participants.



Add some glitz and glam to your medal with our glitter special style.




With its bottle opener attachment this medal style is ideal for the participants who love to crack open a cold one after a good run.




This translucent special style can have a superb effect on taking your medal to the next level, turning it into a visual feast for the eyes. Perfect for adding some extra pizzazz to your enamelled medals.



Make your medal the Belle of the Ball with our gem special style.





Our sliding special style can give the elements of your medal the ability to get from A to B.




Make your medal spin in a number of ways with these special styles, and show off all your fantastic designs!




Give your medal some extra depth with our Duplex special style.





Add some texture to your medal with this very unique special style.



Glow in the Dark

Preparing for an evening event? Help your participants see their way to the finish line, with our glow in the dark special style!



Hard Enamelled

Hard enamelling takes your regular enamel and makes it smooth across the board, creating a very different look.




Add tags to your medal to take your medal style to the next level.




Open up your medal to new possibilities with our hinge special style.





Make your medal stand out with some LED attachments!





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