Bad Cow Weekender


Bad Cow Weekender


















Congratulations to everybody who took part in White Star Running’s Bad Cow Weekender recently.

Bad Cow Weekender – Two Kinds of Bespoke Medal

Our in-house design team produced a fantastic Bespoke Medal for the 10k run as well as for day two.

Cow-themed Personalised Ribbons also helped to complete the look.



Inspired by these cow-themed medals? Create your own unique event with help from our sister site Running Imp. As event supply specialists, Running Imp boast a range of products, from timing clocks to safety pins to waving flags. In addition they can offer advice on what you’ll need to make sure your event is as straightforward as can be.

Our Bespoke Medals service can provide you your own series of medals, just like these. They come in a fantastic range of finish, including black nickel and contrast! Fit a host of effects on there too, including sliding elements, and translucent resin. So for all your medal needs, Bespoke Medals is the place to be!



There’s more moo for you right here, amongst a number of other stories:


If you want to organise your own barn-animal themed event, or any event really, make sure to get in touch. Running Imp has everything you need:

Written by: MollyIllsley

Published on: 24 August 2015

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