Bespoke Interlocking Medals


Interlocking Bespoke Medals

Choose Interlocking Medals for your finishers!

They are perfect if you are planning a series of 2, 3 or more events.

Attract More Race Entries with Bespoke Interlocking Medals

Each event can have its own individual finisher’s medal but by choosing these medals, you can attract more entries!

This is because competitors will be encouraged to enter all of the events in your race series.

After all, there is incentive of completing the full set of Interlocking Medals.

These medals are available in either our Europa or Enamelled style of Bespoke Silicone Medals.

Click here for more information about interlocking medals.



Need some of your own Bespoke Interlocking Medals? Create your own unique event with help from our sister site Running Imp. As event supply specialists, Running Imp boast a range of products, from timing clocks to safety pins to waving flags. In addition they can offer advice on what you’ll need to make sure your event is as straightforward as can be.

These interlocking medals are a fantastic way to get the most from our Bespoke Medals service. Of course they aren’t just restricted to classic gold or silver either! You could have an incredible series of contrast medals, or black nickel as well. Of course you could also get a number of stylings for your medals. These include glitter, translucent resins and gem stones to name a few. So for all your Bespoke Medal needs make sure explore Bespoke Medals, and create the greatest event possible!



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Written by: MollyIllsley

Published on: 12 July 2016

Categories: News