Groundhog Marathon


A marathon, as defined in the dictionary, is a long-distance running race of 26.2 miles, or 42.195km.

Famous marathons across the world include the Virgin Money London Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, and the Auckland Marathon.

Participants can view famous landmarks as they run through the city streets. This can inspire them whether travelling up or down a hill, over uneven ground, or even cobbles.

It’s a long distance to run, so having certain landmarks to aim for is important for the mental attitude of runners to get them through the race.

But how would it feel if you had no landmarks, no change in scenery, the ground was completely flat, and you were just running round and round a 400m track?

Groundhog Marathon – A Gruelling Test!

That’s exactly what the Groundhog Marathon was all about this weekend – 105-and-a-half laps around a 400m track in Telford!

Organised by How Hard Can It Be Events & COD RC, the participants were given this unique experience to not only test them physically, but also mentally.

Round, and round, and round the track, seeing the same faces at the side of the track, running through the same inflatable gantry, seeing the same feather flags in the same places, and not having anything visual to aim for to know how far you’ve ran.

Despite the mental toughness, the runners did a great job, with the winner finishing in a time of 2:40:02.

All participants received a fantastic Groundhog Marathon Bespoke Medal for their efforts.

Groundhog Marathon Medals – Our FREE Design Service

Using our FREE Design Service, the team produced designs and liaised with the customer until they were completely happy.

The 80mm Europa Medals were then produced and delivered to the customer ready for their event.

Written by: MollyIllsley

Published on: 9 March 2015

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