Our 5 Festive Fundraising Ideas

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And we’re back again with another festive blog! We know, we’re really pushing this now – but it is Christmas, one of the best holidays of the year! We think that the festive period is the perfect time to do a little bit of fundraising for various charities, especially for families who will be struggling this year. Some charities close to our heart include…, so if you’ve got a charity in mind take a look at our 5 festive fundraising ideas below! If you already have something in mind and are looking for supplies, browse through our website today or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Fundraising Ideas

Although there are many ways you can fundraise over Christmas, below we’ve listed some of our favourite fundraising ideas and don’t forget to check out our Santa event products:

  • Bake sale – let’s be honest, Christmas is all about food so it would be a waste not to! There are so many opportunities to bake some tasty treats like mince pies, cookies (and milk), gingerbread, shortbread, fudge, chocolate yule log, Christmas cake… we’ve made ourselves hungry now, so we’ll stop… whether you’re a large or small organisation or group, everyone can get involved in the bake sale, whether they’re baking or eating! Win-win!
  • Christmas quiz – a great after-work activity! Find some of your most festive facts (or any fact will do for this quiz!) and host a quiz to see who’s the most knowledgeable about the festive season. Add a number of rounds to the quiz where the questions get harder and harder to see who really knows their stuff!
  • Secret Santa – a favourite amongst many! Gather a list of participants, choose the maximum spend for a gift and then choose who’s getting what for who! If you want to add some competition to your secret Santa, you can add a curveball – if someone decides they like someone else’s gift they can steal it! Only the bravest can handle it!
  • Christmas wrapping station – last minute shoppers and wrappers will love the convenience of this one! If you’ve got no time to spare wrapping up your gifts for loved ones, why not set up a wrapping station? Have people bring in their Christmas gifts and pay volunteers to wrap them up – you might be able to hear the sigh of relief!

Santa fun run – this one we can get behind! Why not host a fun run, where your participants dress up as Santa and race to the finish line! Some exercise may be needed after all those mince pies! Take a look at our blog on how to organise a Santa run.

Need Some Supplies for Your Fundraising Ideas?

If you’re doing any fundraising for the Christmas period, you’re going to need some supplies! Fortunately, not only can we provide the ideas but we can also provide some festive-inspired products to really celebrate. If you head on over to our Running Imp main site, you can find a range of supplies for your events including Santa suits, festive snoods and festive medals.

Our Bespoke Santa Medals

Not only do we offer a range of festive goodies over on our main site, we also offer bespoke medals to add something special to your event. With many styles and finishes to choose from, award your colleagues, students or friends efforts by giving them a medal designed specially by you. Take a look at our options for Bespoke Santa Medals and take advantage of our free design service to design the perfect medal for your event!

If you are interested in a bespoke design for your Santa medals, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements or if you’d like to find out more about styles and features. Make sure your event has everything else it needs and head to our main Running Imp site.

If you’re getting involved in a festive fundraising event, we’d love to know! Share any photos you have of your celebrations and your medals. Feel free to get in touch through the Running Imp Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and support our campaign by following us to keep up-to-date with the latest news, events and products.

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Published on: 2 November 2022

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