Roman River Trails


Bespoke Medals is thrilled to be once again working with our friends over aat Hare and Tortoise Running. This time we’ll be producing the beautiful medals for their Roman River Trails events, which takes place on the 13th October 2019.

‘Roman’ the Rivers

The Roman River Trails event allows the participant to take part in one of three stunning runs, a 10K, a half-marathon or a marathon. These runs all start at the lovely Layer Marney Tower and lead participants through many a picturesque village. Eventually, runners come to the Roman River valley close to Colchester, before swinging back round to the Layer Marney Tower to finish.

Marathon runners will find themselves crossing the river several times throughout the race, and will face some hills before returning to Layer Marney. The half marathon loop will mainly stay around the villages nearby Colchester. All runners should prepare for a mixture of hard-packed trail, tarmac and grass along their routes.

Roman River Trails Info

Participants in the event will earn a beautiful Bespoke Medal, which they’ll be proud to bring home and show off. They’ll also receive an event t-shirt and a goodie bag full of treats as a reward for a job well done.

Participants should also be aware of Hare and Tortoise Running’s policies towards being eco-friendly and keeping the course clear:

Water and aid stations will be at regular intervals, especially along the marathon and half marathon routes. Water, though, will only be available to participants who have a receptacle to put it in. This rule is to help prevent waste along the course, which can be both a damage to local wildlife and can ruin the picturesque surroundings. Plastic waste is also becoming more prevalent across events, so finding ways to reduce that is a must.

Runners should also hold onto their waste as they run, and dispose of it at the water stations en route. Runners will face immediate disqualification if they do not follow this rule.

Good luck!

Finally, we’d like to wish everyone at the event the best of luck and hope you have a fantastic time admiring the stunning views around Colchester.

Registration for this event has now closed, but be sure to go along and support all those incredible athletes! There are also some marathon places still available on the day if you’d like to join at the last minute.

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Published on: 7 October 2019

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