Running Imp’s New Van Design


Running Imp's New Van Design














Our secondary Running Imp van has enjoyed a makeover courtesy of Venture Signs in Lincoln!

Our Running Imp Van Makeover

You can now see the Running Imp logo on the front and back with the Bespoke Medals logo on the passenger side door.

Elsewhere, the Bespoke Fundraising Supplies logo appears on the driver side door.

That’s not forgetting the logo of Candles Charity Boutique, our Charity of the Year.


Want to see the van for yourself? Create your own unique event with help from our sister site Running Imp. As event supply specialists, Running Imp boast a range of products, from timing clocks to safety pins to waving flags. In addition they can offer advice on what you’ll need to make sure your event is as straightforward as can be.

These vans could also be delivering your Bespoke Medals too! These medals could be anything you desire, from glow in the dark skulls, to glittery fairies! There’s plenty of room for customisation too, we can even make your medal fully 3-D. So have a look around Bespoke Medals, and get that van out to your door!



Keep an eye out for more exciting news and van updates from Running Imp and Bespoke Medals here:


If you’d like to see the van make its way to your door, you can set up your own event and it may make an appearance:

Written by: MollyIllsley

Published on: 11 July 2015

Categories: News