The ASDA Foundation Sheffield 10K


Continuing from the successful Bury 10K on the 15th, Run For All recently saw the ASDA Foundation Sheffield 10K take place, for which Bespoke Medals provided the memorabilia.

What’s there to know about the Sheffield 10K?

The Sheffield 10K took place on the 22nd of September and saw thousands of participants push themselves to complete the route and make new attempts at a Personal Best. The event began and ended at Arundel gate, and took participants past a few of Sheffield’s hotspots. These included the picturesque Endcliffe Park and even Sheffield’s beautiful Botanical Gardens.

The event benefited from the sponsorship of the ASDA Foundation, Sheffield City Council, AfterShoks, Arla Protein and Runderwear, among others. Participants also received support from the Steel City Striders and their Stride Into Sheffield sessions. These sessions comprised of a warm-up, interval running and warm down, all to prepare runners for the big race.

Thanks to this and their own training, Runners were well prepared for the inclines in the race, which had uphill stretches consistent from the 1st kilometer point to the 4th. This incline saw participants elevated to around 70m above their start point, where it leveled out to allow a slow decline for the remainder of the race.

Crowd members were also treated to the Sheffield Mini and Junior runs. The Mini run, whose participants ranged from 3 to 8, ran 1.5 kilometers with an accompanying adult. The Junior runners, all aged between 9 to 14 years old, ran a 2.5 kilometer route. Participants of these runs also received one of our Bespoke Medals.

We’re thrilled to be continuing our work with Run For All. We hope everyone participating had an incredible time, and loves the medals we provided!

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Published on: 24 September 2019

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