Pin Badges

Pin Badge Styles

We offer an extensive range of different pin badge styles including Rainbow, Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Photo Etched, Silicone, Brushed Metal and Colour Sprayed.

For more information about these styles and to look at specific examples, specifications and prices, click here to find out more.


Our Pin Badges can have a range of attachments, including Brooch, Butterfly Clutch, Rubber Clutch and Magnetic attachments.

For more information on these, click here.


The range of finishes available for our Pin Badges is excellent! From traditional antique gold to ultra-modern UV, we’re certain you'll find just what you need!

Pin Badge Packaging and Presentation Cases

We host a number of ways to pack your pin badge, whether it be to prepare it for a storefront or hand out at a ceremony.

Pin Badge Brochure

Our Pin Badge Brochure has all the information you need and more!

Click here to check out our pin badge types, specifications and prices.

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