Hard Enamel

Our Hard Enamel Pin Badges are unique in their creation and finished look! Starting off in a similar fashion to our Soft Enamel Pin Badges, our Hard Enamel Pin badges are then infilled with a powdered glass mixture. This mixture leaves the pin badge with a highly polished shine, and is particularly suited to designs with a lot of colour.



Free Design Service

We offer a FREE Professional Design Service on all Pin Badges, so let our specialist in-house design team to bring your designs to life!

Minimum Order

We have a minimum order of 100 Hard Enamel Pin Badges but you can order ANY quantity beyond this total.

Available in ANY shape, ANY size and ANY thickness including designs with cut-outs, our Bespoke Hard Enamel Pin Badges are incredibly popular!

Pin Attachments

Pin badge fittings

The 4 most common types of custom pin badge fittings are:

  • Brooch Attachment
  • Butterfly Clutch Attachment
  • Rubber Clutch
  • Magnetic

However, we do also offer a magnet attachment as an alternative (at an extra charge).


If you’re unsure about which style suits you best, please call us for free advice and recommendations about your design.


Our Popular Medals section is ready and available if you’re in need of some inspiration!


At www.runningimp.co.uk, our sister site, you can get everything you need for your events. Don’t forget your kit bags and t-shirts!


Price Per Medal

Quantity 12-15mm 16-20mm 21-25mm 26-30mm
100+ £0.90 £0.92 £0.94 £1.04
200+ £0.85 £0.87 £0.89 £0.99
300+ £0.81 £0.83 £0.84 £0.94
400+ £0.75 £0.77 £0.79 £0.89
500+ £0.70 £0.72 £0.74 £0.84
750+ £0.65 £0.67 £0.69 £0.79
Die Charge £65 £65 £70 £75

Medal Production

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