Special Styles

Push the boundaries on your Pin Badges! You can combine as many of these Special Styles as you’d like, turning you Pin Badge into something truly spectacular.



Dazzle your participants by adding some glitter to your Pin Badges.




Add some translucent resin to your Pin Badge, and give it a kind of ‘stain-glass window’ effect. Works particularly well with the colours Soft Enamel.



Is your Pin Badge lacking some much needed clarity? Why not add a gemstone and really set it apart from the other?





Have moving parts on your Pin Badge with our sliding elements. Make sure you keep in mind that the movement will be as big as the pin badge!




Be truly unique with our spinning special style, which really will push your creativity to the limit!





Add some hair to your Pin Badge for a truly unique look. Perfect for Santa Pin Badges.



Glow in the Dark

Our Glow in the Dark Pin Badges are ideal for your evening events. Never lose your friends again with these!



Hard Enamelled

Hard Enameling takes your Soft Enamel and makes it smooth across the board, leaving a polished and smooth look, with no recesses.




Have elements of your Pin Badges hang separate, with our Tagged Special Style.




Creating the perfect remembrance Pin Badge, with our Hinged Special Style.





Pop some Lights in your Pin Badges and create a spectacle, with them all lit up together.







Have you got all the memorabilia you need? Our sister company, www.runningimp.co.uk, can supple everything else you need. This includes fully personalised products like mugs, t-shirts, and kit bags.



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