Superb value, our Bespoke Medals come with FREE 25mm Plain or Striped Standard Woven Ribbons in your choice of colour(s).

What’s more, there is NO sewing charge or self-assembly required either!

Standard Woven Ribbons That Are Good To Go!

Available in widths of 25mm or 38mm, our ribbons are the perfect complement to whatever custom medal style you choose.

Applied in a continuous loop for a smart and sophisticated ‘V’ neck finish, competitors can start wearing your Bespoke Medals right away!

Why Not Go Personalised?

If you’re looking for greater event or brand awareness and recognition, we also offer Personalised Ribbons as well.

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All prices exclude VAT and carriage.


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Make sure to get more than just your ribbons! Kit bags, t-shirts and wristbands are all available at, and they’re all able to be branded to your liking.