Our new commemorative 25th Anniversary 2013 brochure is now available.

25th Anniversary 2013 Brochure – What’s Inside?

This year’s special edition brochure has over 250 new products inside!

It also implements an innovative indexing system that makes it quicker and easier for you to find the products you want!

Call us on 01522 502131 or email us at enquiries@runningimp.co.uk to request your copy.



We hope you’re feeling inspired by our new brochure! Over at Running Imp we do the best we can to provide the best for your event. Running Imp boasts a huge range of event products, including everything from timing clocks to gazebos and gantries. In addition, advice is offered on your sale to make sure you have everything you could possibly need to create the ultimate event.

Our Bespoke Medals service can create the ultimate memorabilia. From glow in the dark, to traditional metal like these, we provide everything. Add unique engraving too, and decorate the medals with your most colourful designs. So explore everything we can offer at Bespoke Medals, and get hold of your own unique medal!



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At Running Imp we make it our goal to provide the best in event supplies, making us the largest event supplier in the UK: https://www.runningimp.co.uk/