We’re proud to offer eco-friendly medals as a means to help reduce the impact that medal production can have on the environment. This includes both during the production process, and after your event.

Producing your Eco-friendly Medals

Our eco-friendly medals are made from environmentally friendly metals that are 95% recyclable, with the aim to be 100% recyclable by 2025.

The Ribbons

Our ribbons are made with environmentally friendly non-toxic inks. We also offer recyclable Heat Transfer and recyclable RPET Yarn Ribbons.

Our Recycling Scheme

There’s a possibility that you’ll have leftover medals after your event. In this case, just let us know! We have a fantastic partnership with recycling firm, European Metal Recycling Ltd., who take metal medals returned to us and recycle them. Just get in touch if you need to send any medals our way.

But for bespoke wooden meals – We’re working on it!

Whilst we give you the opportunity to give back any Metal Medals from your event, this is not yet applicable to those which are wooden.

We have a fantastic partnership with the recycling company European Metal Recycling Ltd. They take medals returned to us and recycle them for a greener planet. We aim to match this level of service with our Wooden Medals in the future, but for now – it’s a working progress!

The Wooden Eco-friendly Medal Option

Don’t forget we also offer Wooden eco-friendly Bespoke Medals too! These medals are made from eco-friendly and sustainably sourced wood. They can be any size and shape that you want, and can even have cut-out sections. You can also add Colour to our Wooden Medals, creating a truly unique medal.

Closing the Loop

Our ACTION NOW initiative supports you in becoming part of a Closed Loop.

Not only do we use recycled products wherever possible, but we then recycle them again once they have reached their end of use.

Closed-loop recycling minimises waste, reduces transport carbon emissions, and eliminates the energy and resources required to create a brand new product! Our aim is to make sure nothing goes to landfill. This means you can have confidence your products are minimising environmental impact at every level.




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