The Eco-friendly alternative

Our Wooden medals are the ultimate alternative to more traditional metal or silicone medals. We recommend a base thickness of at least 4mm for your Wooden medals, as wood is a much lighter material than our metal zinc alloy medals.

Currently, we have three types of FSC approved wood available:

  • Basswood Plywood is our standard and most economical option.
  • Walnut Plywood, a darker wood, can create a fantastic effect with your designs
  • Birch Plywood, a lighter wood, can similarly help your UV-printed design stand out.

There’s no restriction on how you’d like to design your medal. Using our Free Design Service, we can provide a beautiful wooden medal, made to your specifications (including cut-outs). We can now also UV print colour onto your wooden medals, meaning you can literally have any design you desire. Please contact us for a Free No Obligation Quotation on this.



Wooden Medals are laser engraved to make the most of your design.


Get the right clips and ribbons for your wood

Our Wooden Medals can also come with clip-on ribbons if required. Medal and Ribbon assembly is done Free Of Charge, ready to be presented.


Metal Clip


These Metal Clips are ideal for 3mm and 4mm thick medals. They come with either a deluxe 22m plain or striped woven ribbon, or a deluxe 25mm full-colour heat transfer printed satin ribbon.



Lobster Clip


These Lobster Clips are perfect for our 6mm thick medals. They come with a deluxe 25mm full-colour heat transfer printed satin ribbon only.




Use our Free Design Service

Our Free Design Service is there to take your Wooden Medal to the next level. Our team of professional in-house designers work with you directly to make sure your design is perfect for you and your branding.


Order your Bespoke Medal here


Take a look at our sister site, where we offer a range of eco-friendly products perfect for your events.


Wooden Medals Disclaimer
















Recycling Wooden Medals

We’re working on it!

Whilst we give you the opportunity to give back any Metal Medals from your event, this is not yet applicable to those which are wooden.

We have a fantastic partnership with the recycling company European Metal Recycling Ltd. They take medals returned to us and recycle them for a greener planet. We aim to match this level of service with our Wooden Medals in the future, but for now – it’s a working progress!

Click here to read more about our metal medal recycling scheme