Our Enamelled Medals are a fully bespoke Europa style of medal, but with partial or full colour enamelling. These medals are ideal for realising your wildest designs and make for incredible mementos of your day. Contact us today to find out more about these medals and how you can customise them.

These medals can still be printed on if your logo or image is too intricate to enamel.

Design Styles for Enamelled Medals

Like the other medals in our range, we offer a variety of design styles for Enamelled Medals including:

  • On one side with a plain reverse
  • The same design on both sides
  • A different design on each side

Place your order for your unique medal

Our Free Design Service

Take advantage of our FREE Design Service, where our in-house design team specialists will design original and unique medals that you’ll love and cherish!

Minimum Order Quantity

Our Enamelled Medals are available in ANY shape, ANY size and ANY thickness including designs with cut-outs.

Our minimum order is 100 with ANY quantity available afterwards. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and quantities for these medals.

Add Free Ribbons To Your Medal

That’s not all!

Our Enamelled Medals come with FREE 25mm Full Colour Double Sided Heat Transfer Printed Ribbons, which can include photographs if required. Please note: If you require a 38mm double-sided heat transfer printed ribbon, there will be an additional charge.

If you prefer, your medals can come with a Plain 25mm Woven Ribbons in the colour of your choice. Take a look at our choice of ribbons to personalise your medals. 

We apply ribbons in a continuous loop for a neat ‘V’ neck finish, which are sewn to your medals FREE of charge.

Medals aren’t all we do! Over at our sister site, www.runningimp.co.uk, we can supply the rest of your memorabilia for a range of events, including t-shirts, kit bags, mugs and much more!